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7 effective growth tactics on Instagram for 2022

Despite conversations around decreasing organic reach, organic social media is still valuable in 2022. It can help you connect with your audience, build new and existing relationships, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. However, for your organic social media strategy to stay relevant you need to keep on top of the ever-changing platform and algorithm updates.

Let’s talk Instagram tactics for 2022.

Firstly, tactics aren’t a strategy, they’re tips and tricks, or actions. Actions you can take to achieve a bigger picture.

Create shareable content

When it comes to growth and brand awareness, shareable content is key, but it can look different on every account.

For example, this can include your audience’s biggest pain points and memes that relate – memes are one of the best formats when it comes to shareable content, along with tweets and quotes.

Repurpose your best content

Work smarter, not harder.

You can regularly repurpose your evergreen content. Remember, your best performers will continue generating traffic to your account.

Utilise reels

You don’t have to show your face in order to utilise the organic reach available from reels, but for some industries, it can help.

Animate static posts, do a day in the life, a photo dump, a quote – it doesn’t have to be complicated.


This includes going live with another account, story takeovers, guest posts and utilising the collaboration feature.

Progress over perfection

Increase your posting frequency to gather data from your audience and increase your visibility. But remember to be authentic with your posts, people buy from people, so you want to show the highs, and the lows.

Engage with purpose

Engaging with new accounts is only beneficial if you’re doing it with purpose. Try to engage with purpose rather than a love heart emoji, get yourself in front of new accounts and new audiences to help with brand recognition.

Use hashtags which your audience follow

Utilise the hashtags your audience follow in order to get your content in front of them. Remember to ensure the hashtags are relevant to you and your content to get the best results.

Growing your following on Instagram (or any platform) can be a challenge (bigger challenge and kudos if you’re starting from scratch) but whether you think your business has a place on the platform or not, there’s a 99% change your target customer is on the platform.

If you need support with your organic social media planning, we’re here to help. Offering guidance, tips and tricks and support for you and your growing business. Send us an email to to discuss your requirements with our team.

Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller
Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller
Performance Marketing Manager at Modo25

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