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Best Facebook ads according to specialists

We asked some of our Facebook ad specialists what ads they felt went above and beyond the rest. Here’s what they had to say.

Charlotte Tilbury Facebook ads

Rebekah, Performance Marketing Manager here at Modo25 felt that a number of brands did well with their Black Friday Facebook ads.

“For me, Charlotte Tilbury, Gymshark & Neom Organics really stood out in the lead up to Black Friday. All of their ads were optimised to placement, for example, using Instagram stories. Their key messaging was super prominent and enticing for their specific audience. Plus, they all used bold movement which certainly caught my attention.

Charlotte Tilbury, in particular, was extremely on-brand with the colours. So, immediately on first glance of the ad I made that connection.



I also felt that Missguided, Clinique and Instax Hq Collection ads were noteworthy. They all showcased a range of produces including key price points and or savings. You were able to click ‘learn more’ and ‘view similar products’ from the brand which I felt was a good example of using CTA’s.”

What can you learn from these ads?

  • Make sure you are placing your ads on the right platform to reach your target audience and look into using other features within that platform, e.g. Instagram stories.
  • Ensure you are creating high-quality copy that is on brand and resonates with your consumers
  • Remember to use creative CTAs that insensitive users to click on your ad

DeadHappy life insurance Facebook ads

Our Associate Director of Performance Marketing, Dan, noticed DeadHappy’s Facebook ads as being particularly good.

“There are a couple of reasons why these image ads are good. Firstly, the style of these ads really stands out within the Facebook interface. Also, they are pretty eye-catching when compared to the usual bland insurance ads and use humour in the right tone. They’ve stuck with this style for a while now and this really helps to build brand recognition and recall.”

What can you learn from these ads?

  • Just because your company niche might not be considered ‘exciting’ doesn’t mean you can’t use humour or puns in your Facebook ads.
  • Check out your competitors and try to find a different angle that will make your ads stand out.

DeadHappy Facebook adsManscaped Facebook ads

Alex, one of our Performance Marketing Managers and affiliate guru, felt that Manscapped’s Facebook ads may split opinion in the best way possible.

“I think the Manscaped ones are pretty good. They’re very much like marmite so people will either love or hate them. Whichever way people feel, these ads are still a little different and definitely grab your attention!

What can you learn from these ads?

  • Take the time to really get inside the head of your consumer and appeal to them with ads that they’ll love.
  • Don’t worry if your ad concept may split opinion, so long as you’re appealing to the right consumer, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

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Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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