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Our big 7 for being successful on Instagram

Instagram is without a doubt one of the largest social media platforms in the world. With over one billion active users per month, Instagram has less competition and higher engagement from audiences than other giants such as Twitter or Facebook. Taking this into account, businesses are presented with a fantastic opportunity to market their products to a wider interested target audience. 

Whether you already use social media marketing or are a total newbie, here are Modo25’s big seven for being successful on Instagram. 

1. Creative Instagram Ideas 

With so many users already on Instagram, it can be hard for businesses to stand out. That’s why having a USP is so important, as it provides consumers with added value.  

One of the largest downfalls for companies using social media is that they don’t focus enough on visual content. Visual content can be posts, stories or videos, these are what grab the attention of consumers. 

2. Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are posts that are visible for 24 hours and are presented in a slideshow format where users can click back and forth between content. Stories can be pinned to the profile page as highlights, and stay there permanently unless removed. Instagram stories are a great place to tag other accounts (who can then repost the story), use hashtags to become more visible and by using filters, stickers and tools, such as polls, will engage the viewing audience. 

IGTV or reels 

IGTV (Instagram TV) and Reels are a great way to showcase creative content. IGTV videos can be anywhere from 60 seconds to an hour long, whereas reels are anything up to 30 seconds – in the same way as alternative video content platform, TikTok. Instagram users can leave comments on IGTV videos and reels which can be viewed by other users, and the engagement from users will give the post a higher chance of going viral. 

3. Instagram Profile

A common mistake companies make is sharing the solutions they offer in their bio and posts. This comes across as messy and salesy, and most users won’t take the time to read it. By keeping the bio short and interesting, users will be four times more likely to read it and get a better understanding of what a company offers.

Within an Instagram bio there is the option to include a link to a landing page. So, make sure that the link is up to date and reviewed regularly. These landing pages could be to the website, a product page, an event or anything else the company wants to push.

Finally, with Instagram Advertising, companies have the option to convert their profile into a business account. By doing this, Instagram puts the companies phone number in the bio and provides more in-depth analytical data into content performance including reach and engagement. Short, creative bios with relevant analytical data have been proven to be the most successful bios.  

4. Behind the scenes

Consumers love to know the story behind a brand or a product, as it makes them feel as though they have more of a connection and therefore more likely to complete a desired action. As a creative platform, Instagram can be a brilliant place to highlight to consumers the origin of products and/or services. This could be anything from factory photos, or brainstorming plans.

For example, if a company is selling fairtrade food, content that shows where the products are coming from, i.e. the farms and the stories of the people working there. Painting the picture will fulfil consumer expectations and make them more likely to trust the brand.

5. Hashtags 

Hashtags are the ultimate tool for expanding reach on Instagram. However, before you get carried away, remember to always use relevant hashtags that match the content you are posting. For example, a food company   might use hashtags like #food or #delicious. The content will then show up whenever a user makes a search for those words.  

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

The maximum number of hashtags one post can have is 30. Although, it’s best to not overwhelm a post with too many hashtags as it can look like spam. Studies have shown that the sweet spot for the number of hashtags on a post is between three to five. So, a good combination of the most popular hashtags and ones relevant to the post will boost reach.  

Another idea is using a brand hashtag. For example, creating your own hashtag (#companyname), will put all posts under one specific tag. As the company grows, it will be easy for users to find content related to the company itself.  

Collaborations and tags 

If a company collaborates with another organisation on Instagram, audience reach will be significantly increased. Collaborations and tags are brilliant because hashtags can often be overlooked, so tagging another account can draw more attention. 

Unpaid shoutouts are typically between two accounts with a similar followings and audience, and both accounts will promote the other to increase exposure. A paid shout-out however is when a company pays another page with significantly higher following to shout them out. A fantastic example of this is using social media influencers who have the same values as the brand and have followers that are already super relevant to the company. 

6. Generate excitement and anticipation 

Any successful marketing campaign keeps consumers interested in what’s to come. By giving followers’ exclusive content on Instagram, you will leave them feeling  wanting to come back for more. Exclusive content can be anything from product teasers to discounts and influencer collaborations. 

7. Assess success and build upon it 

Arguably one of the most important steps in Modo25’s big seven is recognising previous successes and failures, and learning what could be improved. While keeping up to date with the latest industry news and changes, the most effective method of success is often through good, old fashioned trial and error.  

Social media management tools can help when scheduling posts to target consumers at their most popular online times. Plus, Instagram analytics can help companies track follower count and engagement levels  post by post. Try to keep an eye on these as they can help you to improve and fine tune your Instagram strategy. 

Are you looking for some help with Instagram and social media strategy? Give us a call or drop us an email at to find out how we can work together.  

Phoebe Scholtens - Modo25
Phoebe Scholtens
Phoebe Scholtens - Modo25
Phoebe Scholtens

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