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Pinterest predicts – meet our favourite trends of 2024

Pinterest’s yearly “Pinterest Predicts” trend report is out, showcasing emerging trends drawn from app search activity and the platform’s analysis of future directions.

We’ve delved into the Pinterest Predicts 2024 list and attended their recent January webinar to provide you with an exclusive look at the trends set to dominate this year. Read on to uncover the highlights.

Mindful living & wellbeing

In a world that’s constantly buzzing with activity, the Pinterest Predicts 2024 report highlights a shift towards mindful living & well-being. From serene home sanctuaries to wellness retreats, it’s all about creating spaces & routines that nourish the mind, body, & soul. Get ready to embrace practices that elevate your well-being, from meditation corners to soothing rituals that make self-care a top priority.

DIY tech upgrades

Pinterest foresees a surge in DIY tech upgrades, bringing a personalised touch to our gadgets. Customised phone cases, hand-painted laptops, & tech accessories that scream individuality are on the horizon. Unleash your creativity as you turn your everyday devices into expressions of your unique style.

Bold fashion statements

Pinterest predicts an explosion of bold colours, unconventional pairings, & styles that break the mould. Dive into the world of maximalism, mix and match with confidence, and let your wardrobe become a canvas for self-expression.

Global flavour adventures

Pinterest anticipates a worldwide culinary journey, highlighting diverse and international cuisines. Bid farewell to culinary boundaries and welcome a host of new flavours into your kitchen. Prepare to explore exotic ingredients, infusing your meals with a touch of global inspiration.

Our top three trends that we love:


This year, Gen X and Boomers are transforming their kitchens into warm and inviting spaces by incorporating charming, vintage elements like thrifted finds and classic appliances. They’re introducing vibrant pops of colour through lively paint choices, steering away from the more straightforward, minimalist look. The result is a kitchen that radiates a cosy and personal atmosphere, blending the nostalgic charm of the past with a touch of contemporary flair.

Hot metals

Chic silver hues and daring chrome are currently making waves. In 2024, molten metallics will become mainstream as individuals transition from classic neutrals to more robust choices. The heavy metal aesthetic is being supported by Gen Z and Millennials, who are driving this bold trend.

Rest stops

In the upcoming months, people will opt for leisurely trips focused on relaxation and ample sleep. Gen Z and Millennials will gravitate towards serene destinations, offering respite from busy schedules. Expect fewer nights out and more leisurely mornings spent in bed. In 2024, embracing a laid-back vacation approach will be celebrated, allowing for guilt-free indulgence at a slower pace.


The Pinterest Predicts 2024 trends serve as a strategic guide to an exciting future. Ranging from mindful living to cutting-edge fashion, DIY tech enhancements to sustainable lifestyle solutions, this year signifies a celebration of innovation, individuality, and global inspiration. Prepare yourself, align with trends that support your business objectives, and set the stage for a year where your unique strengths can truly shine.

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Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller
Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller

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