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Make Each Click Count Podcast

Our CEO and Founder, John Redman, recently spoke on the Make Each Click Count Podcast with Andy Splichal. The Make Each Click Count Podcast features industry experts and insights which provide actionable advice for growing your online business. The podcast sees Andy interviewing a wide range of professionals who go into detail about looking beyond just creating and optimising paid traffic, but all elements that go into effectively increasing conversion rates, sales, profits and ultimately growing your online business. 

In the interview, John and Andy spoke about managing your paid marketing and whether it is better to bring it inhouse or to hire an outside agency. 

Here are some of the main topics that were covered: 

  • The importance of establishing your targets before you can hit your goals. 
  • The benefits of taking your marketing in-house. 
  • How relevant training can be tailored to specific goals and advertising accounts.  
  • Some of the biggest challenges with hiring talent in today’s market. 
  • The history of Modo25 and BOSCO™ and how these names relate to our mission to help children in Africa. 

 “I think one of the main problems we fix is that of transparency and visibility, and I think some of the listeners may have had problems in the past where they are not really sure about the transparency of the data or the results that they are getting from their agency. So, what we want to do through our BOSCO™ technology, and the way in which we work is to give clients complete visibility and transparency over the results and their performance.”  

The Podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts, or you can click here to listen. 

If you are thinking about taking your marketing inhouse or wish to discuss any of the topics covered with one of our industry professionals to see how Modo25 could help your business today, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 

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