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Day in the life of a Performance Marketing Manager

This week, Tom Pickard, Performance Marketing Manager, talks us through his typical day at Modo25.

Tom Pickard Performance Marketing ManagerStarting a Performance Marketing day the right way

These days I try to have a healthy breakfast before I start work so I can start on the front foot. I start the workday by checking my emails for any urgent requests or issues. When you’re the main point of contact for a client you have to be flexible. So, if their site is offline or they’ve got a surprise sale going live that should be your first job on the list. Once I’ve navigated past these tasks and important requests, I then take a quick health check across all the accounts that I manage. I’m looking for any problems with spend drops or revenue drops that could indicate a tracking problem or an account issue.

On a Monday, I’ll collect the performance data from our reporting dashboards and note down impacts from changes we’ve made, general performance trends and observations. From here, I’ll begin blocking out time in my calendar to complete tasks that I want to get done. By blocking it out in my calendar I can reserve time for just that task without having to worry about interruptions meaning I can get things done faster.


Keeping up with client meetings

As a Performance Marketing Manager, I’m usually the main contact for my clients. That means I’ve got to be on hand to reply to emails and be on calls. I find regular calls with clients are beneficial as they add a human element that you don’t get through email. It’s easy to lose the intended meaning of an email so it’s important to me to speak to a client to make sure we’re all on the same page. It also means we can discuss smaller questions that maybe don’t get brought up otherwise.

I try to keep my client contacts updated throughout the week with updates, even if it’s just small things such as a trend you’ve seen on social media or a particular keyword that’s having a good week. Although it may be obvious to me that I’m putting in lots of effort with a client if the only time they ever hear from me is a report on Monday morning it’s never going to build trust.

Clients aren’t the only people I talk to in the week though. Catching up with our partners at Google, Microsoft, Facebook and TikTok is important as well. Having a good relationship with partners means we can get early access and news about their latest products which we can pass onto our clients keeping them ahead of the competition.


Staying organised day-to-day

I’m not a fan of handwriting things so notepads are out for me (I can’t read my own writing). So, I tend to rely on my computer for planning. I use my calendar in combination with Microsoft To-Do to plan out my days. Part of working directly with clients means you have to be flexible with your calendar. I tend to book out big tasks in my calendar so I can do them uninterrupted, smaller tasks go into my To-Do list. When an email comes through that doesn’t need an instant reply, I add that to my To-Do list. At the end of each day, I check my calendar and To-Do list and make sure I’ve ticked everything off that was due that day.

Half the battle is remaining flexible, there’s going to be plenty of times that your day doesn’t go in its planned direction and personally, that’s what I like about the job, no day is the same as the last.



Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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