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Google launches version 1.4 of Google Ads Editor

Google only released the latest version of their Ads Editor back in April, but they have already made further developments to the platform and launched version 1.4 which includes several new features.

We’ve summarised these new additions and how they will help your advertising campaigns.


Recommendations provide customised suggestions to help improve your campaigns’ performance. An amendment to this feature now enables you to make changes at scale and review and apply recommendations across accounts in Google Ads Editor.

Combined audiences 

This is an effective way to target audiences, this allows you to create audience ‘personas’ and combine detailed attributes such as demographics and life events. You can now edit these audiences, as well as assign or remove them from campaigns and ad groups.

Location groups 

The location groups feature promotes nearby business locations within your ads; in order to do so, you group together sets of business locations and create ads based on their location details in your campaigns. You can assign this feature to your campaigns within Ads Editor.

Video sequence campaigns 

You can now edit a series of videos to appear in an order of your choosing. This new feature allows you to modify campaign settings, as well as existing ad groups and ads. This process is made up of stages, and each step of a sequence is an ad group and a video ad which are selected at campaign level.

Local campaigns

Local campaigns are designed to bring business to your shop front, which is promoted across all Google networks. This feature makes the advertising process easier, using minimal text and assets, Google optimises the rest to help your users find you.

Improved errors

Google Ads Editor will automatically detect issues that could prevent your ad from posting effectively. This feature will display error icons and messages and link to a helpful article on these errors.

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Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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