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Google’s Performance Max adds new customer acquisition goal

Google’s new campaign type, Performance Max, has released a new customer acquisition goal that will allow advertisers to optimise to those who are not previous customers. There has also been additional changes to help advertisers identify high-level insights.

Here’s the headlines:

  • Google’s new Performance Max campaigns have added a customer acquisition goal.
  • There are new insights available:
    • Asset audience insights show which asset your audience react to most.
    • Diagnostic insights flag up any setup issues.

The new customer acquisition goal included in campaigns is the ability to use your existing data to help Google identify (and serve to) new customers.

When setting up an acquisition campaign, advertisers will have options when it comes to identifying new leads.

  • Customer Match lists: This uses first-party data to match target customers.
  • Conversion tags: These can help new Performance Max goals exclude new and existing customers.
  • Google’s autodetection method: This is similar to the ‘Google detected’ feature in Smart Shopping. The Performance Max version utilises machine learning to predict how likely a user is to be a new vs. existing customer for an advertiser to make up for low match rates.

Google’s Performance Max has also released some additional insights to support advertisers with their campaigns.

Asset audience insights: These insights will help advertisers see how text, images, and video assets “resonate with specific customer segments”. Even with data on which assets audience react the best to, there is no way to target a specific customer segment using Performance Max, advertisers can only deploy audience signals.

Diagnostic insights: These insights will flag up any setup issues that may be affecting performance. This feature will also recommend changes on how to fix these issues.

Google’s new Performance Max has replaced Smart Shopping & Local campaigns and is set to go live in August.

If you need any support getting ready for Performance Max or for assistance setting up new campaigns, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller
Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller

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