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Two new features to Google Responsive Search Ads

Google has announced further developments to its Ads platform, introducing two new features to their Responsive Search Ads. Here’s what we know about these new features so far.

What changes have been made?

These two new features on this specific ad type aim to help advertisers with engaging their customer more effectively, these are location insertion and countdown customizers.

How will these help my advertising campaigns?

The first feature is ‘location insertion’, which enables the advertiser to include a placeholder that tells Google to display the city, state or country based on where their potential customer is searching from. You can add this to your campaign by using the command {LOCATION(City)} reference. Note that the word city in the command can be changed to a state or country depending on your location.

Secondly, Google has introduced ‘countdown customizers’ which allows the user to set an end date of their ad, updating it dynamically depending on the time remaining. You can utilise this new countdown feature by using the {COUNTDOWN} command.

What are Responsive Search Ads? 

Responsive Search Ads on Google enable you to create an adv that adapts dynamically to show more text and more relevant messages to your customers.

Regular ad types require writing full ad copy for each version before testing the audience’s response. Whereas RSA’s allow you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions and Google Ads will automatically test different combinations and learn which perform best with your audience.

In simple terms, Responsive Search Ads improve campaign performance by adapting the content within your ad to your potential customers.

How can Modo25 help?

We have a team of digital specialists covering all aspects of digital marketing, with expertise in SEO, affiliates and paid media. If you’re looking for support and guidance with your advertising campaigns, feel free to get in touch by sending us an email to

Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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