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Creating a spook-tacular Halloween: Unleashing the power of digital PR this October

As Autumn rolls in and the season changes, Halloween enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of this spooky time of year.  

For brands and retailers, Halloween offers a unique opportunity to engage customers, build awareness and create a buzz. While traditional marketing tactics like haunted branding in-stores and themed products have their impact, the digital approach to Halloween also needs to be considered.  

One key element of this is digital PR campaigns, where brands and retailers can be creative in their approach. In this blog post, we will discuss how brands and retailers can create a scare this Halloween by implementing a digital PR campaign. 

Crafting a sinister storyline 

Every great Halloween campaign starts with a captivating storyline. Think of it as the foundation of a haunted house – designed to send shivers down a reader’s spine.  

Brands can create engaging narratives centred around their products or services. Perhaps it’s a haunted house-themed promotion for a retail store or a spine-tingling series of short stories for an e-commerce website selling Halloween costumes. Whatever your market and sector, ensure your overall story is linked to Halloween, spooky and shareable. 

Leverage social media 

Social media platforms are the ideal cauldron for brewing Halloween excitement.  

Ensure that any digital PR campaign can be utilised across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to share teaser content, visuals, and snippets of your Halloween offerings.  

Encourage user-generated content with Halloween-themed hashtags and contests. Visual storytelling is particularly effective during this season, so invest in captivating imagery and videos that can grab an audience’s attention.  

Collaborate with influencers 

Influencer marketing is an enchanting spell for your Halloween digital PR campaign that can be cast over an audience. Partner with influencers who are aligned with your brand. Their authenticity and engaged following can help amplify your campaign’s reach.  

Collaborative content can include product reviews, tutorials, and eerie storytelling, all of which tie into your brand’s Halloween theme. 

Create interactive experiences 

Immersive digital experiences can transform your Halloween campaign from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Brands and retailers can develop augmented reality (AR) apps or interactive web experiences that transport users to haunted mansions or eerie landscapes.  

These experiences not only engage customers but also leave a lasting impression and add a heightened experience to your Halloween campaign.  

Haunt your website 

Your website should be a virtual haunted house during the Halloween season. Decorate it with Halloween-themed banners, spooky navigation animations, and ghostly pop-ups.  

Make sure your product pages are optimised for the period, with themed descriptions and images. A countdown to Halloween can add an extra layer of excitement, encouraging visitors to check back frequently. 

Email marketing with a twist 

Your email subscribers are a captive audience, so treat them to something special. Send out Halloween-themed newsletters, featuring exclusive offers, spooky tales, and sneak peeks.  

Incorporate interactive elements like hidden discounts to boost engagement. Personalise emails to make your subscribers feel like part of an exclusive Halloween club. 

Engage with user-generated content 

User-generated content (UGC) is a potent elixir for your Halloween campaign.  

Encourage customers to share photos and videos of themselves using your products or visiting your store over the Halloween period.  

Feature the best submissions on your website and social media channels and exploring the idea of running a UGC contest with enticing prizes can also fuel participation. 

Scare up some PR stunts 

PR stunts are a tried-and-true method to garner attention. Organise a spooky flash mob in a public place or decorate a famous landmark in your city to draw the media’s eye.  

Share these stunts on social media and use press releases to spread the word. The key is to create something memorable that ties back to your brand’s Halloween theme. 

Support a cause 

Show your brand’s charitable heart by aligning your Halloween campaign with a giving-back cause.  

Donate a portion of your Halloween sales to a relevant nonprofit organisation. This not only generates positive PR but also appeals to customers who appreciate socially responsible businesses. 

Measure and adapt 

A successful digital PR campaign doesn’t end on Halloween night. Use analytics tools to measure the impact of your campaign.  

Track website traffic, engagement metrics, sales data, and social media reach. Use these insights to refine your strategy for next year and build on your success. 


Halloween is the perfect occasion for brands and retailers to embrace their spooky side, celebrate a key seasonal period and connect with customers on a deeper level.  

By implementing a digital PR campaign that incorporates a compelling storyline, social media engagement, influencer collaborations, interactive experiences, and more, you can create a scare that resonates long after the pumpkins and sweets have gone.  

So, get your costume ready, carve a pumpkin, and brew up a Halloween campaign that will leave your audience haunted and spellbound. 

To find out more about how digital PR can support your online reputation during key seasonal periods, please contact the Modo25 team and we’ll be more than happy to help. Happy Halloween!  

Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser - Modo25
Matt Fraser

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