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9 steps for creating a winning SEO strategy

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Senior Performance Marketing Manager Tom and Senior Performance Marketing Executive Kylie, discuss creating a winning SEO strategy, the best enterprise-level SEO tools, strategies for adjusting to privacy first marketing, raises in Amazon affiliates commission rates and five PPC certification courses you should consider completing.

9 Steps for creating a winning SEO strategy

Online shopping has increased rapidly since the pandemic, and if you want to improve your organic traffic and have a good ranking on search engines, you need to build a winning SEO strategy.

As suggested by Search Engine Journal, the 9 steps in building a winning SEO strategy are:

  1. Align SEO with business goals & define KPIs
  2. Perform keyword research
  3. Define your most valuable pages
  4. Conduct a competitive analysis
  5. Plan for user experience & technical SEO
  6. Consider your resources,
  7. Align your SEO strategy with your customer funnel
  8. Report and set realistic expectations
  9. Measure and document your strategy.

SEO isn’t an easy task, but these 9 steps should help you with your strategy and planning.

The 8 best enterprise-level SEO tools to optimise your content

Content optimisation and SEO at an enterprise level is a challenge. However, here are the top 8 tools for optimisation of this scale; Surfer, Ahrefs, Semrush, Screaming Frog, SparkToro, Clearscope, Frase and Hemingway Editor. The article explains in detail why these platforms are good and how to use them. All of these tools have the ability to update your content on a mass scale for enterprises, which will take a lot of the hard work and long hours of SEO at this level.

Three strategies for adjusting to Privacy-First Marketing on Google

As privacy regulations have changed, it has become increasingly difficult for marketers to target consumers due to the lack of tracking data. The article debunks the 3 privacy myths; 1) Cookie deprecation will disrupt website tags, 2) Accurate measurement relies on third-party data and 3) Protecting privacy and driving business results are mutually exclusive. Google’s 3 strategies for adjusting to the privacy changes are using a global site tag (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager in order to optimize marketing campaigns, begin planning a First-Party Data Strategy and adopting privacy-safe machine learning models.

Affiliate commission rates raised by Amazon

Amazon has announced an increase in affiliate commission rates on a small set of product categories for a limited period of time. Amazon pays commissions to affiliate publishers who refer visitors that convert into sales. Commission fees were reduced during covid times as more consumers turned to buying online but are now back on the rise. Here is a snippet from the email Amazon sent to its affiliates: “This is a great opportunity to take advantage of increased commissions in popular categories. The more your audience shops, the more you earn. Promotional rates effective until May 4th.”. Commission rates have been raised in the following categories with their retrospective commission rates:

  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories (old rate) 4.00% (new rate) 6.00%
  • Office Products (old rate) 4.00% (new rate) 6.00%
  • Kitchen (old rate) 4.50% (new rate) 5.50%
  • Home (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Home Improvement (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Beauty (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Business & Industrial Supplies 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Health & Personal Care 1.00% (new rate) 2.00%

Five PPC certification courses that digital marketers should consider doing

These 5 PPC certification course options look great on any CV and help PPC marketers gain authority and increase their knowledge database and skillsets. The courses are Google Ads Certification, Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, Semrush PPC Fundamentals, Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate and Amazon Ads Certifications. The linked article goes into a course overview, what you’ll learn, how to register and the costs involved for each certification.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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