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Ask an SEO expert: What is the top SEO focus for 2022?

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Senior Performance Marketing Manager Tom and Senior Performance Marketing Executive Kylie, discuss the top SEO focus for 2022, what a good CPA is, how to be successful in modern-day PPC and SEO learning styles and auditing.

Ask an SEO expert: What is the top SEO focus for 2022?

What should SEO pros be focusing on in 2022? A question posed to Tony Wright by a user reads: “What would you say should be the top SEO focus coming into 2022 for a brand that seeks to grow its wholesale product business to generate more leads and sales?”. Wright responded by stressing that the basics have and will remain the same when it comes to page optimisation. He talks about the 5 pillars of optimisation which are; code, content, connections, communications and capture. The column goes on to speak about the importance of knowing your audience and how not to miss the mark with your SEO campaigns.

Ask the PPC expert: What is a good CPA?

It is challenging to produce paid media KPIs and how much budget should be set for each one. You need to be able to understand how much each consumer is worth and how many leads you need per consumer. A question asked by a user reads: “In PPC, is there a correlation between the actual value of the product/service and CPA? If so, how can one use this insight when planning the campaign budget.” SEJ’s PPC expert Navah Hopkins looked into this and came up with the answer. First, she speaks about the correlation between customer value and CPA in-depth, and then she covers what makes a good CPA. The final takeaways show that customer value is critical when establishing a good CPA, and campaign budget has a direct link to that.

How to be successful in the PPC modern age

PPC is becoming more automated by the day, so how can you be successful in this new age? This blog covers 3 changes you need to prepare yourself for, 4 opportunities you need to grasp, and 5 must-have skills that you need. The 3 changes you need to prepare for are; adapting to new privacy regulations, having a more holistic approach to PPC and finding a role for automation on your team. The 4 big opportunities to pursue include; how you manage your campaigns, how you use data, how clients see you and how you stand out from the competition. And finally, the 5 must-have skills include; copywriting, creativity, audience research, client experience and contextualisation.

Find out your SEO learning style

There are 4 typical learning styles, visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic. However, when it comes to SEO, there are 5 learning styles. The 5 learning styles are; online training, classroom training, books, supplemental learning and membership websites. This blog by search engine land covers the 5 learning styles, their pros and cons and recommendations for each learning style. Knowing the different SEO learning styles will help you target consumers better as you understand how they digest information and ultimately skyrocket your SEO rankings.

Protect your work from external audits with a self-audit checklist

You and your work could be at risk if you are not doing your own audits which is why you should start doing your own SEM audits. There are many types of audit, and the most common ones include; the new-biz pitch audit, the “under the hood’ audit, the consultant audit, self-audit and the “invited third party audit”. The blog from SEL then goes on to cover how to do a great audit, and why auditing is so powerful. External audits are never a good omen, however, they do happen so it is important to make sure you protect your work.

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