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We’ve launched an inhousing whitepaper in partnership with The Drum 5 to watch this week in digital: Inhousing on the rise, video marketing & adjusting to new consumer habits What are the advantages and disadvantages of inhousing your marketing? Is now the right time to inhouse your marketing? What are the pros and cons of inhousing your digital marketing? An expert panel discussion with Modo25 We’ll be joined by an expert panel to discuss inhousing your digital marketing in fireside chat Our definitive guide on how to structure an inhouse agency When inhouse and agency go hand in hand We’re featured on Disruption Hub for our digital marketing with a difference Modo25 offers access to CSS platform, Productcaster 6 top tips for anyone currently working from home A successful week for the team at Digital City Expo 11 Advantages & Disadvantages When Taking Your Advertising Inhouse