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Bobble Digital: Recruitment

Bobble Digital is a digital marketing agency in Leeds specialising in SEO, PPC, social media and video. Modo25 worked with Bobble Digital to help recruit, screen and onboard digital professionals into their business.

What were Bobble Digital looking for?

Bobble Digital were wanting to recruit the best digital talent into their business but was finding it hard to connect with the right talent. They wanted to work with digital marketing recruitment specialists to streamline the process to save them both time and money.

Positions filled in 4 months:


“The approach from Modo25 is great, they really took the time to understand us as a company and what we are looking for in terms of candidates. Modo25 really goes above and beyond to profile and find high quality candidates for us and so far they’re the best candidates we’ve been given from an agency. 

We’re so happy with the work delivered from Modo25 that we work exclusively with them on our recruitment needs at Bobble Digital, we will not even entertain anyone else. It’s the quality we value from Modo25 and the team and we’re grateful their team finding us great candidates.” – Manpreet Singh, CEO, Bobble Digital

What makes Modo25 different?

“I’ve always been very sceptical about recruitment agencies as they always give false promises and never deliver on the customer service. However, what I can say is I’m more than grateful for the introduction to Modo25. The level of customer service and support really puts the reputation back with recruitment agencies.” – Manpreet Singh, CEO, Bobble Digital