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5 to watch this week in digital: Innovative start-ups, importance of content creators & the power of advertising in a recession

Coronavirus is still at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, with no end date in sight. Research and reports are being released on a weekly basis, exploring how start-ups are being affected and how the digital marketing world is changing and adapting as a result of the pandemic.

Despite these uncertain times, there’s plenty of thought-provoking stories and opinions being shared online, so we’ve rounded up the five things in digital that you should know this week…

Big brands should take inspiration from start-ups

The Drum has been exploring what brands can learn from start-ups’ responses to coronavirus. As a former marketer for Nestlé, Pete Blackshaw believes that how start-ups are responding, such as innovating and adapting, should be motivation for big companies. “Start-ups have the power to spark a different kind of thinking and get big firms to lather up to a discontinuous step-change in terms of the way they transform.”

Current and expected trends in PPC amidst the global virus outbreak

Most businesses have seen a decrease in search and been affected as a result of the pandemic. Despite being one of the lowest mortality rates of a virus outbreak following Ebola and swine flu, coronavirus dominates search interest and will continue to increase over the coming weeks. Although search terms are down, Google Shopping for e-commerce retailers is climbing. The public have been urged to stay at home, resulting in an increase in online shopping.

Why video is an important part of your marketing strategy

In the current climate, it’s important to create content that delivers on impact but takes less time to consume – this is why video has become such a key marketing tool. Forbes has summarised why video is so effective, from boosting social media engagement, to improving search rankings and enriching PPC campaigns.

The power of advertising in a recession

If businesses plan strategically for the long term, Mark Ritson at Marketing Week believes that some companies can flourish during an economic recession. There are three key points that he highlights; the availability of advertising spend within your company, an executive team smart enough to know that marketing is an investment and knowing your industry well enough not to make a mistake.

Why content creators are significant during this time

Influencers are predominantly used to grow and target an audience, as well as create high-quality content for your brand. During this unprecedented time, content creators are becoming a more important asset to a brand. Most creators are talented artistically and are able to continue marketing by creating content to engage with your audience – particularly in areas where it may be difficult for a conventional marketing team as a result of the coronavirus.

We think it’s important for businesses to continue marketing throughout the pandemic and stay active within your industry for better connections with your audience.

We recognise that this is a difficult time, so if you would like help with your strategy planning over the next few months, get in touch by sending us an email to

Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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