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5 to watch this week in digital: Video game advertising, lead generation on Quora & crumbling cookies

We’ve all been there, watching a minute-long ad on a mobile game in exchange for more coins or points. Would you act the same way if this was a console video game? We’re now seeing marketers experimenting with tv ads within video games. Alongside this, Q&A site Quora has introduced lead generation forms for advertisers.

Here’s our 5 to watch this week in digital marketing…

Why you shouldn’t stop spending your marketing budget in a recession

As some of you may know, the country is now in a recession as a result of the COVID pandemic. The easiest option would be pull spending on marketing assets, however, it appears that this isn’t always the smartest option, and we agree. According to Harvard Business Review, marketing activity such as new product launches have seen both higher long-term survival chances and higher sales revenue in a recession. Similarly, reducing or cutting budgets on campaigns have seen profit decline by 10% or more. Read the full story here.

Are marketing cookies past their sell-by date?

While a lot of marketers still believe that third-party cookies are significant when it comes to ad revenue, the restrictions and consequences around GDPR and privacy are becoming more severe every year. In this case, is there something to replace cookies? Many brands say that contextual marketing could be the answer; targeting content to keywords, metadata and topics to serve more relevant ads to visitors. Read more here.

Google’s pop-up letter to Australians containing ‘misinformation’

According to the consumer watchdog, a pop-up ad that links to an open letter from Google targeting Australians, contains misinformation, as the tech company campaigns against a proposed code that would force it to share advertising money with media companies. Since Monday, those who use Google in Australia have been shown a pop-up ad that says: “The way Aussies use Google is at risk”. Find out the full story here.

Quora introduces lead generation forms to help advertisers with campaigns

As an advertiser, you can now run lead generation form campaigns on question & answer website, Quora. This new feature offers a native sign-up flow that allows you to seamlessly capture leads directly within the platform. These forms are integrated with Zapier to automate transferring the leads from Quora to apps such as Salesforce and Gmail – they can also be easily downloaded as a CSV file. You can read more here.

Marketers level up with video game TV advertising

How many times have you been interrupted in a mobile game to watch a minute-long ad? How comfortable would you be with this option in a console video game? Marketers are currently testing TV advertisements within video games, in exchange for in-game rewards. One of the first businesses to try this is Experian, who have been experimenting with ads in UFC 4 to try and reach younger audiences who don’t generally watch traditional TV. Read more here.

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Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard
Tom Pickard - Modo25
Tom Pickard

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