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British Heart Foundation makes a CPR ad in 18 hours

In this week’s digital news to watch, our Performance Marketing Manager, Alex, and Associate Director of SEO, Jamie, discuss Google’s rollout of the page experience algorithm and completion of the latest core algorithm update. Plus, Klarna has launched an affiliate on AWIN. However, this week’s top story is all about how the British Heart Foundation who made a CPR ad in 18 hours after Christian Eriksen’s collapse. Here are this week’s five digital headlines to watch:

Google’s page experience starts to roll out

Google’s Page Experience algorithm has begun to be rolled out. Originally announced last year, the Google Page Experience algorithm has been the talk of the industry as webmasters and marketers work towards getting their Core Web Vitals up to scratch. It has now been announced that the algorithm started rolling out as of 15th June and is due to complete by the end of August.

Google’s June 2021 core update finishes roll out

Google’s Core algorithm has finished its rollout! Over the past couple of weeks, Google has been rolling out one of its regular Core algorithm updates. These updates do not typically target one particular thing, so are difficult to identify.

However, the focus is always on clean technical SEO, authoritative and relevant content, and a good user experience. This update finished on 12th June, so, any impact will now have been seen.

Klarna teams up with AWIN on affiliates

Klarna has launched an affiliate on AWIN. Although Klarna typically offers a payment service, with the launch of their affiliated app, even brands not using Klarna as a payment provider on their site can benefit from reaching more than 9.5m shoppers.

As a CPA-only publisher at the moment, it’s a key opportunity and should really leverage on any retail or shopping-focused campaign.

The British Heart Foundation turns around a CPR ad in 18-hours after Euros shock

After the horrific scenes at the Euros, when Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch, The British Heart Foundation managed to make a new CPR ad in the 18 hours that followed.

The charity agreed on the ad segment with ITV and their creatives with Saatchi. They even managed to get Vinnie Jones on board! The response was overwhelming with a 2000% increase in website visits as a result of the campaign. And with Eriksen being discharged from the hospital, this was a real win for everyone.

New antitrust bills could force Facebook and Google to provide more data access

New antitrust bills against big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are currently being proposed in the US. These bills aim to prevent self-preferential treatment. So, in the short term, Google wouldn’t be able to show its own shopping results above those of any other e-commerce site.

Other bills also mean that they could be forced to provide clearer access to the information held on their systems. This may result in data protection issues, so, will likely need to be handled carefully.


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Jamie White - Modo25
Jamie White
Jamie White - Modo25
Jamie White

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