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Digital news to watch: Influencers banned from using filters

Our Head of SEO, Jamie, and Performance Marketing Manager, Tom, share their thoughts on this weeks top digital news. Influencers banned from using filters when promoting beauty products

Google Core Web Vitals boundaries changed

This is a minor rollout from Google but could have a big impact on how people interpret their CWV data. Previously the boundaries were on a “less than” (<) limit however that has been changed to “less than or equal to” (<=). So, any pages that were balancing on the edge now fall into a more favourable range.


Responsive Search Ads become the default ad type in Google

Google is continuing to back their machine learning and move Google Ads to a more automated setup. Responsive Search Ads are now the default ad type. For beginner advertisers, this is a good move as it makes the testing and changing of ad copy easier. For more advanced users this is another move away from the end-user having control.


Facebook’s revenue and reach numbers based on incorrect data

Experienced advertisers have known for a long time not to trust the numbers in Facebook’s interface but for many newer users, it has been their source of truth for revenue and reach reporting. A whistle-blower at the company has recently provided emails that indicate that both revenue and reach are based on incorrect data. It remains to be seen what the fallout from this will be, but many brands will likely look to move away from single-channel reporting.


Google launches a new event series called Search Central Live

This week, Google has launched a brand-new event series called Search Central Live. This is a Livestream format of discussion and talks around Google Search, although looking at the list of speakers it appears to be more SEO-focused than anything. The first event is going to be streamed during the night for us in the UK but will be available on the YouTube channel the next day.


Advertising Standards ban influencers from using filters

UK influencers have been banned from using misleading filters alongside beauty products. Although filters haven’t been banned altogether, those that show unrealistic results will no longer be allowed. This new ruling follows complaints made about two Instagram stories posted by Skinny Tan in July 2020. The complaint included concerns over the filter used by an influencer to promote a tanning product. The filter supposedly enhanced the effect of the beauty product itself. It will be interesting to see how this affects the influencer marketing strategies used by beauty brands going forwards.


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Jamie White - Modo25
Jamie White
Jamie White - Modo25
Jamie White

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