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Webinar review: How advertising can help you stand out in 2021

Well-written, relevant content is only as good as its distribution. That was the key message from Hayley Ferrante’s webinar, ‘How to Stand Out in 2021’. The discussion included marketing tips and advice on how to deliver content and advertising to customers.

Here are some of the key points that our Junior Marketing Data Analysts, Gleb and Jonny, took away from the session. Hayley Ferrante's webinar, ‘How to Stand Out in 2021'

Triggered advertising can drive conversion rates

During the session, Hayley highlighted that a simple application of triggered advertising was sending a follow-up email based on the recipient’s interaction with a previous email.

While that might sound simple, it can be applied alongside other top-funnel marketing activities. This can drive consumers towards a purchase or a further interaction with content.

Let’s put this into some context. Say a customer has registered to receive monthly newsletters from an eCommerce business. They click on a hyperlink within the email leading to a product or product category. Then, an hour, a day or a week later, this consumer can then be targeted directly with more information about that or similar products.

The biggest benefit of using triggered advertising is how granularly you can target your prospective and or recurring customers. Since you already know if a consumer has shown interest in a product, any triggered marketing used is more likely to lead to a conversion and therefore improve your conversion rate.


Cross-team communication is key to a well-structured ad calendar 

Later in the webinar, Hayley went on to discuss the role of communication within marketing teams.

She used the example of a software development company. This company frequently rolls out updates to its current software. If they release five updates a day with no marketing beforehand, a huge proportion of the marketplace will be none the wiser. However, if they release these same updates over five weeks and use a marketing campaign to make customers aware, they will create a much larger and longer-lasting impact.

A great way to improve your advertising and marketing calendar is to be in close contact with all teams. So, what would that look like for our software company example? Well, if the product and marketing team were aware of each other’s activities, they could collaborate on a calendar that would maximise the exposure of the updates. This is a win-win for both teams as well as the business as a whole.

An effective calendar might not make you free money, but it will certainly help to stop you from missing opportunities on low hanging fruits.


A/B testing can maximise the effectiveness of your ad

One of the last topics Hayley discussed was the importance of A/B testing.

She explained that this method is a straight-forward yet effective way to predict which version of an ad is more influential. In the nutshell, an A/B test is a comparison of two ads to see which will perform best on real-world customers. We use A/B tests to remove human bias in ad creation and to focus on the stone-cold facts.

A/B testing would be useful if you are unsure how to word your ad in the most effective way. Maybe you can’t decide between “everything half price” or “50% off everything” and don’t know what will drive more conversions.

Finally, Hayley mentioned the importance of optimising your ads continuously. Once a clear winner of an A/B test is determined with high statistical significance, a new test can be run with two slight variations of the winning ad. Several A/B tests can be applied before mass release to ensure you are capitalising on every penny spent.


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Jonny Griffin - Modo25
Jonny Griffin
Jonny Griffin - Modo25
Jonny Griffin

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