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What to do if a client pauses your marketing services as a result of the pandemic

We’re living in unprecedented times which has forced businesses to adapt to a new way of working – budgets have been compromised and campaigns have changed. Unfortunately, there are several industries that are struggling as a result of COVID-19.

We can’t predict or control what will happen over the next few months and it’s unavoidable that some businesses may pause their marketing services. While we understand that it’s not business as usual when this happens and you can’t offer full support, there are many ways that you can help.

Be supportive

First and foremost, you have to be compassionate during this difficult time. If your client pauses your services, it could mean that they’re facing financial difficulty and offering additional collaboration could potentially help the business – we’re all going through this together.

In terms of maintaining your relationship, it could be worth your team offering consultancy at no extra cost. If your client has any questions or is looking for recommendations, it’s worthwhile being available. If your business can afford to do so, propose to help with their strategic planning or tying up any loose ends on their site.

Identify discounted opportunities

In order to help during this time, a large majority of businesses are offering their services at discounted rates or even for free. Google are offering ads credits to help small and medium-sized businesses and Moz have released free access to their training academy.

We want to do the same for our network, we’re now offering the use of Productcaster, a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) with no setup fee. Productcaster enables discounted cost per clicks (CPC) on all Google shopping spend, which can help you achieve the best possible start when we regain stability.

We’re also giving the opportunity to demo our new marketing technology platform, BOSCO™, for free. Using smart machine learning to benchmark your current investment and how you can plan your marketing budget more strategically.

Be flexible

Despite your usual services being put on hold, what other services could you offer during this time? Most businesses have their recruitment process on hold, and some teams are unable to work at full capacity. Be productive with what services you can provide to fill a need. Acclimatise your client’s strategy to what is working right now; for example, switch from paid media to SEO work if that’s more effective. If you’re interested in undertaking these tasks yourself, we can offer additional training to your inhouse teams to help you progress on your own terms.

Keep in contact

Now is the time to connect with your clients. Be proactive with your communication, make your client aware that you are still available and willing to support them throughout this challenging time. You can improve your legitimacy by simply being active; send regular updates on what your team can do for the client and advice on what their team should be focusing on.

Help plan long term

Whether normality resumes in three months or six months, you should prepare your clients for that time. Assess what’s going on in their industry and how they need to adapt and respond when all this is over.

If you need support with any of the above, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to see how we can help and get you in the best place when everything returns to as normal as it can be. Send us an email to

Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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