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Modo25 contributes to government-funded guide for SMEs

Our CEO and Founder, John Readman has provided some valuable information and advice for an expert guide created for SMEs.

The guide has been created by Be the Business a government-funded, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to boosting productivity among UK businesses. They hope to help SMEs and their owners do what they do best: improve, innovate and inspire. Because of the coronavirus crisis, they also created Rebuild – a website full of free resources and advice on recovery. The site also shares stories from other small businesses and how they have coped.

SMEs can stabilise revenue, adapt to the new market and continue to grow

The guide focuses on the impact of coronavirus and how this has affected SMEs. Neatly split into five chapters, the guide covers topics such as revenue stabilisation, adapting to change, online marketing, international sales and innovation.

Throughout the guide, John provides helpful guidance and tips from the point of view of an SME owner. Also sharing his thoughts and ideas is, Ruari Fairbairns, CEO of One Year No Beer. Together, they both comment on the industry and tactics that business owners could be implementing.

Building a post-coronavirus business

This guide was created to get SMEs thinking about their choices both before and during the coronavirus lockdown. Many businesses had to adapt at short notice and this had left some owners confused and unsure on their next steps. John highlights that it’s never too late to change and that SMEs shouldn’t be worried or nervous about making new decisions going forwards.

The post-coronavirus world of business is still developing and while that’s a little nerve-wracking, this guide gives some direction.

Download the guide for free

Be the Business is committed to helping SME owners to back on their feet – that’s why the guide is free to download. With John’s input, the guide reveals insights, predictions and useful tips. This will hopefully help readers to navigate this tricky business environment.

On his collaboration with Be the Business, John said: “I’m extremely happy to be involved in this fantastic project. The work that ‘Be the Business’ is doing is invaluable for so many people. Here at Modo25, we’ve been able to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. For other businesses in other sectors, it hasn’t been as easy. I hope the words from both myself and Ruari will help to guide SMEs into a profitable future that will enable them to grow.”

If you’re looking to shake up your business in the post-coronavirus world, we can support you. With a team of specialists in digital marketing, we help businesses and SMEs to take control of their own marketing success.

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Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell - Modo25
Morgan Mitchell

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