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PPC marketing tips from industry experts

If you’re looking for PPC marketing tips, Modo25 has you covered. Our team of specialists have plenty to share when it comes to creating and running successful and effective PPC campaigns. From Google Shopping to local ads, here are our top PPC marketing tips.

Why Google Shopping is still the best-kept secret

Getting in front of the customer at the right stage when there is intent to make a purchase is crucial for retailers. Google Shopping and the opening up of the Shopping Tab is still seemingly one of the best-kept secrets in performance marketing. In terms of PPC marketing tips, it’s also probably the quickest win for anyone selling a product through Google Shopping.

The reason a lot of businesses shy away from Google Shopping is that there is a certain level of distrust. There is also a misconception about how it all works. So, Google Shopping was broken up a few years ago to allow for a more level playing field for advertisers. Now, when you search for a product in Google, you will see ads served at the top of the results page that is from a range of different advertisers. Before this, the ads were only provided by Google which was disputed as being unfair and biased.


Understanding how to use the CSS discounts

CSS partners receive a 20% discount on CPCs in order to compete with the Google Shopping CSS. Ask any retailer and they will claim they work with a CSS provider. However, when you search for their products, their ads will still say they are served by Google. So, Google is acting as their Comparison-Shopping Site.

What they actually mean when they say they are working with a CSS provider is that someone else is running their ads on their behalf and benefitting from the discount and charging that back on an affiliate commission. That does not mean that you, the advertiser, are making the most of the discounts. A top tip for anyone working with a CSS provider or external agency is to double-check and question the people overseeing your ads. How is the discount being used and are they using it effectively for your business and not for themselves?


PPC marketing tips of the future lie with local advertising

Any retailer using PPC advertising should have a local strategy in place. It can be tempting to bid on super-competitive keywords. However, all this does is drive your CPC costs without seeing very much in return. Alternatively, advertisers should look instead at running local PPC ads.

In any CSS provider, you are able to specify where your ads are shown right down to a specific post/zip code. This opens up huge potential for local shoppers as well as more of a conversion-ready audience. Similarly, by running local ads you can massively boost your brand awareness which is, of course, essential for overall growth.

Local advertising is also set to become a huge factor in marketing strategies going forwards as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more consumers willing to shop online and stay local, the relevancy of a local PPC campaign has never been more important.


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Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller
Rebekah Waller - Modo25
Rebekah Waller

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