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Swapping the office for the living room – most employees want to work from home

We’re six months into the UK lockdown as a result of COVID-19, which has given businesses and their employees a taste of home working. The results of a new YouGov report has found that many want to resume this way of working, even when things do return to normal.

This new study from YouGov explored how many British employees worked from home prior to the pandemic, those who did occasionally and those who never worked from home.

The results found that 68% of British employees had never worked from home before the pandemic and only 19% did some of the time. Following enforced home working back in March, 57% of workers now want to continue doing so.

Surprisingly, only four in ten (31%) surveyed said that they don’t want to work from home once the pandemic is over.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic restrictions, it’s clear to see that office working will likely never be the same again. Three-quarters of those surveyed who are currently working from home think it is likely that their employer will continue to let them do so post-COVID.

At Modo25, we’ve worked from home since lockdown was announced back in March. The entire team, who are based locally and around the world have been able to adapt seamlessly and in line with the results of the report, most would prefer to work from home and occasionally visit the office if required.

Easing of COVID restrictions meant that we were all able to meet as a team for the first time in six months, including our three new hires who had only met the team through video conferencing.

If you would like any support with your online strategy during this time, our team of digital marketing specialists would be more than happy to help. Get in touch by sending us an email to

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Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper - Modo25
Abby Cooper

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